edwn is a nature poet, songwriter and photographer. edwn.org features poetry collections, photographs, and the albums An Ordinary Patch of Ground, Reso, Sproutcale, Burrdock, and Landling.

Summer's Art

Summer leaves her art scattered across her studio
A pallette of green lacewing eyes and small tortoiseshells
Unruly mess -- yet each piece fits perfect

She paints with broad strokes and drop-seeded August stalks
Latent trees, small blues and quiet mallow pinks
Swallows chatter a psalm, blessing the union of sky and land

Yellow green horizon unfolds a universe
Inches high, a confluence of mousetracks
And a million dewed spiderwebs
Crepuscular rays illuminate her canvas

Tiny thunderflies spell out her many names
As speckled glyphs on flinty chalk lumps
The meadow a magnet for bees and me's
Stretching our eyes in the quiet dusk
I hear her melody in the wingflaps
Of rooks returning for evensong

I see her symphony in the grass
She never saw me go past
Left her patterns in the past
No trace of us will last
Summer she reigns a thousand years

There'll be a fragment of my soul
Left behind in the long grass
When we are gone
When we are gone