edwn is a nature poet, songwriter and photographer. edwn.org features poetry collections, photographs, and the albums An Ordinary Patch of Ground, Reso, Sproutcale, Burrdock, and Landling.

Reflected In Green

I close my eyes
And I see green
A deep opaque and hazel green
Softly arrayed
Texture smooth
Seeming flat
Yet actually a small segment
Of a hemisphere of
A hundred miles radius

I can reach out and
Touch its surface
I feel its many layers
Gel-like, sticky yet unclinging
My hand half-disappears inside
It feels misty, like a spiders web

I am interconnected with
All tall canopies and
Every deep root
It is a liquid plane
Vertical in front of me
I withdraw my hands and
Wavelets and small disturbances
Interfering and cancelling
Growing progressively smaller
Until it is once more
Mirror still

And I see myself
Reflected in Green