edwn is a nature poet, songwriter and photographer. edwn.org features poetry collections, photographs, and the albums An Ordinary Patch of Ground, Reso, Sproutcale, Burrdock, and Landling.

Goddess of Summer

Pumping pigment, a pulsating ache
I squeeze out my mallow
My special for you

My unfolding fingers flush with joy and
Perfect pinkness

Sensously synthesised from meek minerals
My petalsoft opens - for you

Floating over the dewed wevet
Summer, you come to collect me
Summer, you come

Plucktorn between your holy fingers
Stowed in your tumbling gossamer hair
Along with meadow blue cranesbill
Sun yellow hawkbit
Lip-red figwort and
Queen Anne's lace

From fumitory and fairy flax
To floxglove and fleabane
Until every flower has been saved

We shineglow in your hair
Nourished through autumn and
Winter's hardness
As you lay low
Living on memories
Living on memories
Of sun and sweet vernal
Until it is time to shake out your locks
And tumble our dried and precious pigment
Into the lap of Spring
For her to bestow
On her children once more