edwn is a nature poet, songwriter and photographer. edwn.org features poetry collections, photographs, and the albums An Ordinary Patch of Ground, Reso, Sproutcale, Burrdock, and Landling.


I know you in the crow
That savage beak kills with one blow
I see you in the hare
Empty eye, thousand-league stare
I feel you in the thorn
Pricked to the bone, heartsleeves torn

I sense you in the sea
A million years before you would be
Marjoram and thyme
Drawing life from ancient lime
I see you in our fare
As your hands cook what we share

Your smile, your smile
Is deeper than the oceans
Lifts me higher than these chalk hills

I see you in the soil
Shuffled off this mortal coil
Until we come to pass
Turned into a million blades of grass
You are here with me
Together for eternity