edwn is a nature poet, songwriter and photographer. edwn.org features poetry collections, photographs, and the albums An Ordinary Patch of Ground, Reso, Sproutcale, Burrdock, and Landling.

A Heart-Shaped Idea

Looking out
Zooming in
Orders of magnitude
Chlorophyll to cumulus
Quark to quasar
A tiny quadrant
Of a tiny quadrant
In the sky

A heart-shaped idea
Stands out in the void

The star-beings are intrigued
Pausing from their fiery infighting
And their internecine nuclei

They throw their roiling vision
Light years forth
To focus on a tiny meadow
And they gawp
And gawp
At its beauty
Until gossip
Gargles out of abeyance

And the ordinary patch of ground
Becomes once more
A half remembered fad

An ordinary patch of ground