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My new album Attuned imagines what it would be like to gain (and lose) a superpower -- animals and plants are no longer afraid of you. Wandering the chalk downland, observing wildlife up close, interesting and unexpected truths are revealed... nature photography by edwn, Vol 5
Volume 5 of my nature photography series encompasses dramatic landscapes, glow worms, the unphotographable milkwort, floating gass pollen, and mountaineering ants. lyrics by edwn
If you want to read the song lyrics from my last few albums, then just click here
AsAs is a further exploration of how nature interfaces with the human experience. The lyrics for this album were mostly written whilst walking around the Ashdown Forest, where I first met the Adder and the Asphodel. nature photography by edwn, Vol 4
Volume 4 of my nature photography series features 36 shots including rose galls, harebells, thrips, mullein, and a chalk hill blue butterfly.
Draydon is based on a collection of poems by Ed Wn, all about a small patch of Exmoor near Dulverton. The terrain is moorland, riverside, woodland and pasture. All of the places written about are on a figure-8 walk from Tarr Steps that could be done in a day. nature photography by edwn, Vol 3
Volume 3 of my nature photography series features bees in flight and stunning flowers. Cover of Tree See a nature poetry collection by edwn
This collection of nature poems is a little more abstract and hard-edged than my first .... Building the Simplici-T Guitar
Guitar Build: The Simplici-T is a bare-bones telecaster style guitar I made as cheaply and basically as possible, with stormfall wood from the garden and only DIY tools. You can hear it on all edwn's albums. 50 Songwriting Tips by edwn
I think you will enjoy my video of 50 songwriting tips; everything I've learned in the past six years or so ...
'leaf' is a 24-track retrospective containing highlights from a series of unashamedly concept albums: 'Burrdock' (about the home lives of famous natural historians and poets), 'Tracsyde' (an exploration of the wild spaces alongside railways), 'Sproutcale' (inspired by the rural walking studies of Selbourne by Gilbert White), 'Reso' (showing how nature's beauty resonates with our aesthetic impulses), 'OPG' (the extraordinary story of an ordinary patch of ground), and 'Unplanted' (the surprisingly complex social life of plants). nature photography by edwn, Vol 2
Volume 2 of my nature photography series features footprints, windbourne yew pollen, cottongrass, acorns and of course portraits of flowers Cover of Knowland a nature poetry collection by edwn
My first collection of nature poetry. Many of these have been also turned into songs. Yes, there are rhymes ... nature photography by edwn, Vol 1
I have collated my nature photographs and so here is the first in a series: 'Nature Photographs by edwn, Volume 1' ... photo of edwn
Having written 500 songs in various genres since 2008, edwn started recording his work in 2015. His through-composed music draws from traditional English folksong, jazz harmony, prog and art-rock. Set in the downlands and heaths of Southern England, the songs start out as nature poetry in the tradition of Ted Hughes and Mary Oliver, and then take on modern twists from the language of botanical taxonomy and morphology -- the life and times of wildflowers are a recurring theme.

edwn also uses photography and poetry to capture and share the essence of nature. edwn